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Listed below are the charities we support

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"The Mental Health Foundation is the UK’s charity for everyone’s mental health. Our vision is for a world with good mental health for all. Our mission is to help people to thrive through understanding, protecting and sustaining their mental health. With prevention at the heart of what we do, we aim to find and address the sources of mental health problems. The Mental Health Foundation relies on public donations and grant funding to deliver and campaign for good mental health for all.”


Registered Charity No. England 801130

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"Cornish mental health charity founded in 2017. We work to support the mental wellbeing of our communities, by offering community based support services, wellbeing focused workshops, mental health training, enablement programmes and therapeutic activities. Our services can be broken down into 3 key areas: Our Crisis Service, Our Community Support Services, and Our Wellbeing Club. Each service runs very differently, and are suitable for varying times throughout your journey of recovery & maintaining wellbeing."

Registered Charity No. England 1175695

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